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CASS BROTHERS PRODUCTIONS  provides you with a professional-quality product that will help you showcase your values, ethos and energy as a business or creative entity. 

Julian Hamman

Julian brings a creative flair to the audiovisual content produced at Cass Brothers. With experience in arthouse cinema and screenwriting, he mainly specialises in video editing.  

He also liaises with the company's clients, communication agencies and influencers to schedule videography and photography shoots.


Zane is an essential part of the Cass Brothers team, specialising in fashion-based videography. With a multifaceted skillset, he assists Mikhail on shoots and doubles as a dynamic video editor. 

With a roster of clients including Louis Vuitton, Miu Miu, Chanel & Incu, Zane combines commercial and artistic-based aesthetics to maximise the team's content.

Mikhail Cass

Mikhail is the founder of Cass Brothers Productions, a Sydney-based production company that specialises in social media-based corporate and creative videography.


With over 10 years experience in the video industry, he has handled everything from gimbals and car mounts to drones and high-profile clients.

The Team
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